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What our customers say about us

Innovation in mechanisms, unique designs and new IP comes easy to the team at Genie Toys.

Tor Sirset
Spin Master

Genie is one of our ‘Go To’ inventors. I always look forward to our meetings as I know Genie consistently comes with well thought out, innovative concepts. They really take time to understand our properties.

Len Mazzocco

Genie is a company that always offers very innovative and polished concepts that are not only in tune with children of all ages but also with the current demands within the toy industry. Each and every concept is well thought through and always provides branding, extendability and play in equal measure. The concepts are always supported with highly finished prototypes that are costed to supply a straight forward inter-company route to approval. Genie are always a company I look forward to meeting.

Pete Kellond
Toy Vision

We’re a high-growth company – and the only thing outpacing that growth is the ever-accelerating need for new innovations for our brands. Genie is quick, smart, decisive, and has become indispensable to our success.

Andy Wiseman
Redwood Ventures

They’re good guys at Genie. They always present concise new ideas and are straight forward to deal with.

Nigel Dye
John Adams

Genie Toys is always coming up with unique, simple and easily understandable ideas and it is exactly these simple things that make the difference to a normal toy. We are always looking forward to seeing their newest ideas.

Thomas Rottenbacher

Genie Toys are an extremely professional inventor group. Their concepts are innovative and original and commonly brand – rather than single product – offerings. Their attention to detail regarding positioning and finishing is exceptional. Whenever I meet them I like to sit back and enjoy the presentation, safe in the knowledge it’ll be great product.

Jonny Henton
Toy Vision

Genie represents the best of the toy inventing community. Creative, innovative, analytical and a pleasure to work with. They understand the needs of toy manufacturers and create concepts that fill those needs.

Karl Aaronian
Playmates Toys

Genie Toys have been lying to you – they invent great GAMES too! Everything from preschool skill and action to creative play to boys battling collectibles, with everything in between. The Genie team are always on our hit-list at Toy Fair and trade shows.

Dougal Grimes

I have worked with Genie with a number of companies since their inception and have always found them to be a great partner and a reliable source of innovative, creative concepts. Regardless of the toy category, they are always top of the list to call when we’re in need of a creative infusion. They are always a pleasure to work with and are an ethical, professional organization.

Paul Fish
Far Out Toys

I am very happy with the work done by Genie and with the expert advice on how we could address concepts in the marketplace.

Santiago Guerra Lopez

It’s always a delight to be presented with new concepts by Genie toys. Their intuitive feel for the toy industry and the world of play is second to none and the standard of prototyping always ensures that we have a fantastic toy on the table which functions exactly as intended. In my opinion Genie toys are one of the most professional toy invention houses in the industry today.

Felix Holst

Genie Toys is consistently one of the top toy and game invention groups in the industry. A leader in the field of toy invention.

Benjamin Dermer
Spin Master

Genie has long been one of our first ports of call when we are looking for new and innovative inventor concepts.  Their comprehension of the industry sets them apart, allowing for meaningful dialogue regarding projects they are presenting or potential categories we are targeting.

Herb Mitschele
Wicked Cool

Genie have been an invaluable strategic partner to Vivid since their inception . Their top-draw creativity coupled with being easy to deal with sets them apart from many other inventor groups.

Nick Austin
Vivid Imaginations

At Flair we admire and are always seeking genuine creativity. What impresses us about Genie is that they are a source of true creativity not only in terms of product design but also in terms of commercial solutions. The toy industry needs more companies like Genie.

Peter Brown
Flair Leisure Products

The inventor community in the UK exceeds what could be expected from a small island and one company that stands out for me is Genie. Not only is it a pleasure talking to Genie but they bring great experience to toy inventing, knowledge of trends and what’s happening at retail. Genie is a very innovative group who I always look forward to meeting and discussing new concepts.

Trevor Hayes

Genie Toys has been a fantastic partner for Giochi Preziosi for 15 years. One of the most brilliant inventor groups in our industry. Genie supports us on many different product categories with smart and amusing new concepts. A valuable partner, we very much enjoy working with them and look forward to our ongoing relationship.

Anna di Feo
Giochi Preziosi

Genie knows what we need, what we want, and how to get there because they have been on the manufacturer’s side and understand the mechanics. It is a pleasure to do business with Genie.

George Irwin
Irwin Toys

Genie Toys has been a fantastic partner for Moose and one of our longest inventor relationships on record.  Genie continually presents Moose with innovative and fun concepts and we look forward to working on many more projects in the future.

Joost Poulus

Working with the Genie team is fun and exciting. I always look forward to meeting them to review the innovations that they have conjured up. Our business has to remain on trend and having such a talented inventor team in Genie helps our company keep in step with our consumers.

Alan Gong
Basic Fun

It is a true pleasure working with Genie Toys.  Their years of experience in the toy industry really shows through with their unique perspective and expertise in product design.  Throughout the development process, they offer practical manufacturing solutions, which is extremely valuable from a business and time to market perspective. Genie Toys’ inventiveness really fits with our approach to innovation to enhance the play and interactive nature of our products!

Davin Sufer
WowWee Inc.

I’ve worked with Genie Toys for nearly ten years and they have continually managed to present innovative concepts that target our company portfolio.  Their desire to understand our PD directive from the beginning means that only relavent concepts are presented, resulting in a more streamlined and positive relationship and outcome.

Gary Parker
Character Group

Innovative, fast moving, trend savvy and a pleasure to work with, Genie’s collaborative approach and wide ranging experience adds true value in the product conceptualization and development process.

John Sinclair
Playmates Toys

I have worked with Genie from the time I started in the toy industry. Working with Genie is what the toy industry should represent: fun, playful and professional. You can always expect great concepts and fantastic prototypes from the group. I always enjoy catching up with them to see what exciting new concept they have come up with. To summarise, they are the 007 of toy inventors, cool, calm, surprising and with an eloquent English accent.

Nick Heine