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Genie creates toys and games in many categories. These include: collectables, playsets, dolls, electronics, action figures, vehicles, preschool, activities, plush, novelty, action games and board games.

Some of the hundreds of different products we have licensed to the industry are highlighted below.

  • Polly Pocket
  • Disney Precious Princess
  • Max Steel Multimissile Ferrus
  • Monster My Ride
  • Pig Out
  • Getta Letter
  • Zappit
  • Hamsters in a House
  • Shop Til You Drop
  • L'il Fishys Jellyfishy
  • Barbie
  • Fireman Sam Convertible
  • Peppa's World of Playsets
  • Bob the Builder Construction Tower
  • Go Diego Go Animal Rescue Railway
  • Chatterpals
  • Mutant Pollutants
  • Party Animals
  • Mighty Beanz Bodz
  • Battle Dice
  • Glimmies Glimtree
  • Blonkers